Okanagan Janitorial Service Guide

In Okanagan, janitorial services are one of the most outsourced services as most people have busy work schedules to get their cleaning done thoroughly on their own. Many homeowners and commercial establishment owners schedule a weekly, bi weekly or monthly cleaning program. However, sometimes there crops up a special requirement for cleaning the home as there could be a party scheduled or a meeting coming up at the office.

Documented Workers

Whichever, janitorial cleaning services you use as a homeowner make sure that the workers are all documented and the company is bonded so that your valuables are safe from damage and theft. A professional company that has well trained and skilled staff who know what cleaning supplies to use on the various kinds of surfaces and fabrics will be a good choice for you and will give you the least headache especially if the company has been around for a good 10 years or more. The longer a company has been around the better they are likely to be at their job and offer a more professional touch.

More Services

Getting your premises, apartments and homes sparkling clean in all aspects is what most people want. From the carpets to the ceiling and everything in between must be dust, mold, grime and allergen free. You need a professional company that offers a wide range of janitorial cleaning services so that your home not only looks as good as new but is safe and hygienic from top to toe. It is pointless getting just a few items cleaned as pets with dirty paws and children with dirty hands can spread a lot of bacteria on a huge number of surfaces. So schedule your cleaning with a company that offers a wide range of services at reasonable rates and includes outdoor services so that your garden looks as beautiful as your home.


A professional company will have the resources and the personnel to get all the janitorial duties accomplished without a fuss and bother. No matter how busy they might be they should be able to complete all scheduled tasks for the day in a way that leaves you more than 100% satisfied.  They should ensure that air conditioners vents and even light fixtures are clean and in working order. Does your janitorial service company leave your toilets, mirrors, bath tubs, sinks, floors and trash cans clean and sanitized as well so that they are free of all harmful bacteria. Do they tell you what cleaning supplies they are using so that surfaces, carpets and floors are not damaged or cause you any allergy?

Customer Care

An Okanagan janitorial service that cares for their customers will offer 24 hour support service in case any customer should require them outside the scheduled time. Do you have a janitor service that provides you the mobile numbers of its workers? Do their sanitation and hygiene expertise ensure that all those who visit your home or commercial business will be happy to see the level of cleanliness the company provides.

If you’re looking for a janitorial service in the Okanagan, call Foster Janitorial at 250-717-7979.

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